Find handmade, quality, unique crafts, jewellery, artworks and décor at the Toowoomba Artisan Markets.
Grab a delicious breakfast and coffee from Charred Restaurant while you browse the many boutique stalls and enjoy a day from the top of the range.
Discover gifts, unique decorative items for the home or that perfect statement fashion piece.

Seasonal and locally sourced produce prepared with care.

Passion, commitment, and family have come together to establish Charred: café comforts and a-la-carte dining in a beautiful location – morning, noon, and night. A family tradition of hand-made, quality meals brings our head chef, Nicolas Wood, to Toowoomba.

Perfect for a quick coffee, catching up with friends or celebrating special occasions, the old Weis’s building has found new life with Charred’s focus on handmade, local produce and great service.

morning noon & night

Charred Restaurant


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If you make unique, handmade goods, artworks, accessories, clothing, soap, homewares, gifts, decorations, or anything else - let us know!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Charred is in the old Weis Restaurant building at the top of the range. Just head up Margaret St from the CBD and you’ll see us on the right at the last roundabout 🙂

Where is Charred Restaurant?

Our inside options means that even in the case of bad weather, the markets are still a great way to spend the Saturday morning.

What If It’s Raining?

Fill out our Stallholder Application Form and we’ll get back to you!

How Do I Become A Stallholder?

Yes! Bring your furry friend along to enjoy the sunshine and fun but please keep them outside <3

Are Pets Allowed?

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